In the Nest Box

This page shows current or planned breeding.  Please remember that we never know what will result from any breeding.  A healthy doe can produce up to a dozen babies, or none at all.  Colors are usually predictable, but you never know when Mother Nature will throw you a surprise.  It takes 1–2 weeks to accurately determine colors. Gender determination can take
6–7 weeks. Once babies are born, the quantity, colors, genders, and other information will be added to the New Arrivals page. A deposit is required to “hold” a rabbit from that point forward. [Refer to our
Sales Policy.]
Remember…  If we don’t have babies of the breed, color, or gender you’re looking for, please add your name to our Waiting List. The number of requests we receive will determine how often we breed our does. Also, we correspond closely with other breeders and may be able to quickly locate a quality rabbit for you from another rabbitry. No deposit is required to be on the Waiting List.

As of June 1st 


Black Flemish

~Sire:  Iberia Rabbitry’s  “Baku” 
Breed:  Flemish Giant        Color:  Black
Registered:   Yes                
Grand Champion:   Yes     
~Dam:   Grimes Family Fluffers’  “Betty    
Breed:  Flemish Giant   Color:  Black
Registered:   Yes           Grand Champion:   Yes        
Breed Date:  02/02/2018     Due Date:   03/06/2018



~Sire:  GFF’s “Biscuit”     Breed:  Flemish Giant        Color:  Fawn
Registered:   Yes                  Grand Champion:   Yes        
~Dam:   Gentle Giants’  “Amelia”     Breed:  Flemish Giant    Color:  Fawn
Registered:   Yes                  Grand Champion:   Yes        

Breed Date:  2/02/2018                        Due Date:   3/06/2018     


8 thoughts on “In the Nest Box”

  1. Adam Froke said:

    Interested in adopting a Flemish giant as a pet.

  2. Mike Waldroup said:

    Wanted to see if you have any Flemish Giants available. I seen you had 2 litters due in March. Interested in one for a pet possibly.

  3. Hi I am looking for a Flemish Giant. A big beautiful bunny as a pet. No need for show quality. I was wondering what you may have available and the prices

  4. We have a grey buck and would love to have a doe of the same color or fawn. So if you would please let me know when one would be ready to put a deposit down for it. Thank you

  5. Joni Erwin said:

    I would like to come check out your Fawn and blue colored Flemish giants. I also believe I would like to be put on your waiting list. I do not need a show quality, looking for a sweet pet! How do I go about both?

  6. Whitney said:

    We are looking to inquire about a flemish giant for two family’s. Doe preferably for one family. These will be used for 4h and pet purposes

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