Sales Policy

Please read our Sales Policy carefully.  Go to our Waiting List to request a rabbit or see what’s In the Nest Box to view availability.

To ensure happy homes for our rabbits, Grimes Family Fluffers retains the right to refuse any sale, to any person, for any reason, at any time, without explanation. By placing a deposit toward purchasing our rabbit(s), you acknowledge that you accept these policies. That said, we sincerely want to work with you on the purchase of your new rabbit, and always welcome any questions or concerns.

Step 1 – Availability. We will endeavor to keep the website updated with all current and expected litters. If we do not have babies of the breed, color, or gender you’re looking for, please add your name to our ‘Waiting List’. The number of requests we receive can determine how often we breed our does. Also, we correspond closely with other breeders and may be able to quickly locate a quality rabbit for you from another rabbitry.

Step 2 – Pricing Policy. General pricing is as follows:

Pedigreed / Show Quality –   Flemish Giants $250 & up       Thriantas $85 & up        

*Pet Quality / Competition Faults / No Pedigree Provided – WHEN AVAILABLE*
Flemish Giants $150 / Thriantas $60

* All competition quality animals are sold at their premium price, regardless of the buyer’s intention to show them or not. Pet Quality rabbits are offered at our discretion, NOT as a lower-priced alternative.

Special pricing, when necessary, will be clearly defined in advance.

Stud Service:  $50, or one (1) kit from the resulting litter; to be determined between breeders.  We will not surrogate our does.

Step 3 – Deposit. A 50% deposit at time of order is payable by check or money order unless other arrangements are made. Reservations (and desired quantity) are on a first-come basis. Your order will not be considered confirmed until we have received your deposit. Please contact us before mailing a deposit. If the rabbit you have on order dies and we are unable to fill your order, your deposit will be refunded in full, or transferred to another rabbit if you so desire. Orders canceled by the customer without prior agreement with our rabbitry will forfeit the deposit; no exceptions. There will be a charge of $35.00 for any returned check. No deposit is required to join our ‘Waiting List.’

Step 4 – Payment. Balance due is payable at the time of delivery by cash only, unless other arrangements have been made prior to delivery. PayPal may be used for online transactions for an additional 4% processing fee. (certain conditions apply; contact us for additional instructions)  We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards at shows and at our rabbitry; online credit card purchases must be made via PayPal.

Step 5 – Pickup and Delivery. When your rabbit is ready, arrangements must be made to pick them up. We will not ship rabbits. No exceptions. Rabbits may be picked up at Grimes Family Fluffers rabbitry by appointment only. Please be courteous of our time and be prompt. Please call if you will be late or need to reschedule; we will do the same. Rabbits may also be picked up at any show we are attending. Please contact us in advance for our show schedule. At the time of delivery you will be given transitional food for your rabbit. This is the food your rabbit has been eating while it has been in our care. It is your responsibility to successfully transition your rabbit to your own feed and watering system. Please bring appropriate travel cage(s), including water bottles or drinking crocks; no travel cages or ‘packaging’ are provided.

Step 6 – Health Guarantee / Quality Disclaimer. Your rabbit will be presented to you with no health issues that we are aware of at the time of sale. We do not guarantee that any rabbit sold as a ‘show quality’ animal will win any awards or competitions. The classification of the rabbit as ‘show quality’ simply means that it is free of discernible disqualifications or faults at the time of sale. This is the opinion of Grimes Family Fluffers rabbitry and our experience on the competitive show tables. As your rabbit matures it may develop disqualifications or faults that are not evident at the time of sale; this is not the responsibility of Grimes Family Fluffers, but rather this is the risk we all incur as breeders. If you believe that your rabbit has a discernible disqualification when delivered, it is your responsibility to bring this to our attention at the time of purchase for discussion. If your rabbit dies within 10 days of purchase, a veterinarian’s necropsy report showing an existing congenital defect or other preexisting condition will be required for refund. (Veterinarian costs are the buyer’s responsibility and no portion will be refunded, regardless of cause.)

Step 7 – ‘No Fault’ Return Policy. We have a ‘no-questions-asked’ return policy. If you ever feel you need to be free of the rabbit, please bring it back to us, rather than taking it to a shelter or releasing it. We’ll take it back and make certain it has a caring home. This return is for the well being of the rabbit; no financial refunds or buy-backs apply.


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