#1     Determine if a rabbit is right for you

Review the information on this website and the provided links to understand the practical requirements of housing and caring for a healthy, happy rabbit.  Rabbits are NOT low-maintenance animals and require significant attention and caregiving.

#2     Choose the best type of rabbit for you

Are you looking for a pedigreed, show-quality rabbit, or simply a furry friend as a *pet?  Are you ready for a hefty Flemish Giant, or would you prefer a smaller fireball Thrianta?  Will you want a buck or a doe, and are you familiar with the differences in personalities for each?  Information on this site should help you answer these questions.

*Please remember, we are breeders of champion-quality, pedigreed show rabbits, NOT pet quality.  Occasionally we have animals available that we’ve designated “pet-quality” due to them having demonstrated some disqualifying trait.  All competition-quality animals are sold at their premium price, regardless of the buyer’s intention to show them or not.  Pet-quality rabbits are offered at our discretion, NOT as a lower-priced alternative.

#3     Check our availability

This website will indicate what rabbits are currently for sale and which of our does are expecting litters.  Don’t see what you’re looking for? … be sure to fill out the Waiting List form.  The number of requests we receive will determine how often we breed our does.  Also, we correspond closely with other breeders and may be able to quickly locate a quality rabbit for you from another rabbitry.

#4     Know the costs and how to receive your rabbit

Specific pricing is assigned to each rabbit and will be posted on the website or communicated to you directly in unique cases.  General prices are:
Flemish Giants $250 (and up) for pedigreed /show quality.  Pet-quality (when available) are $150.
Thriantas $85 (and up) for pedigreed /show quality.  Pet-quality (when available) are $60.
Also, we are located in Central Florida and DO NOT ship our rabbits.  Please make sure you are close enough to arrange pickup at our rabbitry.

#5     Contact us

Whether you’re asking a question, curious about availability, ready to make a reservation, or just looking for rabbit-related advice, please complete the form on our Waiting List page and we’ll respond promptly to help out however we can.

#6     Reserve your rabbit with a deposit

A 50% deposit at time of order is payable by online transaction, check or money order, unless other arrangements are made.  Reservations are taken on a first-come basis.  Your order will not be considered confirmed until we have received your deposit.  Please contact us before mailing a deposit.  Deposits are fully refundable, within the guidelines of our posted Sales Policy.

#7     Pick up your new friend

By this step we’ll be well acquainted and will have worked out the details and arrangements for you to pick up your new rabbit.  Transition food, hay, instructions and their pedigree documents will be sent home with you.
Oh.. and a rabbit!!