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USE THIS FORM TO CONTACT US ON ANY SUBJECT.   The form will email us and provide your contact information.  Just type your message in the ‘Comment or Question’ box.  We will replay as quickly as possible. 


For a list of available rabbits, see what’s In the Nest Box.  If we don’t have babies of the breed, color, or gender you’re looking for, please add your name to our Waiting List.  The number of requests we receive will determine how often we breed our does.  Also, we correspond closely with other breeders and may be able to quickly locate a quality rabbit for you from another rabbitry.  No deposit is required to be on the Waiting List.  Once the kits are born it takes 1­-2 weeks to accurately determine colors.  At that time applicants on the list will be contacted to announce the availability.  Gender determination can take 6-7 weeks.  A deposit is required to “hold” a rabbit from that point forward.  [Refer to our Sales Policy.]

Our preferred season for breeding is winter and early spring, as rabbits don’t handle heat well. Bucks can become temporarily sterile if temperatures exceed 80°F and successful breeding is more difficult. Also, pregnant rabbits do not do well during hot Florida summers. That said, we will consider breeding whenever an adequate ‘waiting list’ is reached. Babies are weaned and ready for new homes after twelve (12) weeks or older; no exceptions.

Please leave your name, contact email, and tell us the breed, color, and gender you’d like.



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