Flemish Giants

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Appearance.  There are seven Flemish Giant color types recognized by the ARBA: blue, black, fawn, light gray, sandy, steel, and white. Flemish Giants are placid and laid-back, docile and tolerant by nature. Because of this they do well with considerable handling, and are ideal for both showing and as pets. They can range in weight from 12 to 24 lbs, with 17 lbs being a very reasonable average.  Bucks are generally smaller than does, with broad, blocky heads.  Does often develop a substantial dewlap when mature.

This link from the National Association of Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders (NFFGRB) will demonstrate the seven color varieties available.  Our rabbitry specializes in the hard-to-find Black variety, with some Fawns as well.    FLEMISH VARIETIES

History.  The Flemish Giant is an old breed of domesticated rabbits, originating from the Flemish region of Europe (now Holland/Belgium). They have been bred since as early as the 16th century around the city of Ghent, Belgium. It is believed to have descended from a number of meat and fur breeds, possibly including the Steenkonijn (Stone Rabbit – referring to the old Belgian weight size of one ‘stone’ or 3.5 kg) and the European “patagonian” breed (now extinct). This ‘Patagonian’ rabbit was a large landrace breed that was once bred in Belgium and France. Thomas Coatoam in his “Origins of the Flemish Giants” tells us “The earliest authentic record of the Flemish Giant Rabbit occurred about the year 1860. At that time, in England, stories were being circulated by travelers having recently returned from Flanders, of the enormous size of the rabbits raised in that country and in parts of France.”

Prices.  Flemish Giants are $250 (and up) for pedigreed /show quality.
Pet-quality (when available) are $150

*Please remember, we breed champion-quality, pedigreed show rabbits, NOT pet quality.  Occasionally we have pet-quality animals available due to their having demonstrated some disqualifying trait.  All competition-quality animals are sold at their premium price, regardless of the buyer’s intention to show them or not.  Pet-quality rabbits are offered at our discretion, NOT as a lower-priced alternative.