Thanks for visiting our pages!  We’re hoping to share and recieve lots of ideas and information as we launch our internet venture to promote and document experiences with our fluffers.

It’s an unusually cold February weekend for Central Florida.  As I finish my chore building our GFF site, the guys are busy settling the little buns into the garage and covering the outside hutches with windproofing and insulation.  (Sounds a tad more fancy than the process actually is — some strategically placed PVC sheeting to block the wind and several sleeping bags the kid has long outgrown secured to hold in the warmth.)  Generally, the Flemish enjoy the colder temps.  As are all domesticated breeds, both Flemish and Thrianta are from European lines.  They tolerate, and by the increased level of binkies we’ve seen this weekend thoroughly enjoy, colder weather rather well.  It’s still a good idea to provide buns with some protection from near-to-freezing tempuratures.  Since the Thianta’s (or Tree’s as we refer to them) are much smaller, they’re camping out in the garage with our pets.

What’s a “binky” you ask?  Doesn’t matter if you asked or not, I’m going to tell you anyway.  A binky can be best described as a jumping, pouncing frolic, and looks similar to a young colt jumping and skipping about.  A binky is a rabbit’s way of saying, “I’m really diggin’ life right now, YIPPEE!”

Our fluffers binky when we turn them out for a run in the garden — that’s another post — but they’re also prone to binkies in thier hutches when you pop out to greet them a, “good morning!”

So, welcome again, to GFF!  We’re so [binky] glad you’ve joined us!