I realized very quickly how much our schedule has changed now that school has started back, and then I wondered if the buns noticed the change, too.  The frequent daily visits Michael made to the bunny barn now are limited to the afternoons and the evening hay-water-pellets-goody-bowl feeding rounds.  It takes up a huge amount of time… not the feeding, but the visiting.  We make a point to give our buns run time in the bunny garden or out in the yard, weather permitting.  We also make a point to pet and snuggle with every bun, every day.  This allows us to observe their physical and emotional health (while we get lots of wonderful bunny kisses).  Especially with new babies, it’s important that we handle and bond with each one every day.  We’ve found this makes them more social and really brings out their personalities.  Besides, it’s during the daily visits that the baby buns express themselves and “tell” us their names.

For all the benefits the buns receive and the enjoyment the buns bring us, our visits also provide us with a constant — a stabilizing point in every day that settles the chaos and brings us together.  Like any routine there’s comfort in familiarity.  Ours just comes with some very special perks.