New Arrivals – Rabbits For Sale

 Flemish Giant Sale !!!  —  11-01-2018

We have four (4) pet-quality Flemish Giants ready for immediate sale to PET HOMES.  Each is fully pedigreed from champion stock, but we’ve deemed them unsuitable for competitions.  Ready for immediate release to new owners.
Pricing them at only $100 each
First Come / First Sold.

Colors / genders available:   
Sandy buck   SOLD OUT
Light Gray buck  SOLD OUT
Black buck  SOLD OUT
Black doe  SOLD OUT

Breed:   Flemish Giant      Born:  12/08/2017      Number Available:   SOLD OUT
Color(s):   Black (7)  /  Blue (1)
Sire:  Iberia Rabbitry’s “Baku”           Registered:  Yes        Grand Champion: Yes
Dam:  GFF’s “Grace”           Registered: Yes        Grand Champion:  2/3
No. of Bucks:  TBD               No. of Does:  TBD              
Take Home Date:   2/24/2018        Price:   $280 (Black)  /  $320 (Blue)   


To purchase or reserve one of these babies, please provide your information on our Waiting List. A deposit is required to hold a rabbit. Please carefully review our Sales Policy.

Deposit. A 50% deposit at time of order is payable by check or money order unless other arrangements are made. Reservations (and desired quantity) are on a first-come basis. Your order will not be considered confirmed until we have received your deposit. Please contact us before mailing a deposit.

General pricing is as follows:
Pedigreed / Show Quality – Flemish Giants $250 and up / Thriantas $80
Pet Quality* / Competition Faults / No Pedigree Provided – Flemish Giants $95 / Thriantas $45 – WHEN AVAILABLE
*Pet Quality rabbits are offered at our discretion, not as a lower-priced alternative. All competition quality animals are sold at their premium price, regardless of the buyer’s intention to show them or not.


15 thoughts on “New Arrivals – Rabbits For Sale”

  1. Where are you located?

  2. Bella Bear said:

    Do you live in Massachusetts?

  3. Michael R Bump said:

    Do you have any current pet quality Flemish giant available currently?

    • Hello, Michael:

      We do not have any Flemish Giants available at the moment, but we are expecting a Fawn litter next week. With the minimum 12-week weaning period we mandate before releasing them to new homes, you’d be looking at a take-home date of approximately February 14th, 2017.
      As for “Pet Quality” it is important to remember that we are breeders of champion-quality, pedigreed show rabbits, NOT pet quality. Occasionally we have animals available that we’ve designated “pet-quality” due to them having demonstrated some disqualifying trait. All competition-quality animals are sold at their premium price, regardless of the buyer’s intention to show them or not. Pet-quality rabbits are offered at our discretion, NOT as a lower-priced alternative. The full price for these kits would be $250 each.
      If you’d like more information on this litter or would like to be put on the Waiting List, please leave your contact information on our Contact page ( ) so I can contact you more privately.
      And THANKS! for your interest in a Grimes Family Fluffer!


  4. Danielle said:

    I am wanting a bunny for my two year old n I want something that stays little but don’t know the best kind and do you have any

  5. Good Afternoon,

    Have you done exports internationally? I’m interested in purchasing 3 unrelated does and one buck. Preferably them coming bred to bucks that are not related.

    Please let me know if it’s possible. Our national airline flies directly to here out of Miami and Tampa. We also have a broker in Florida who can assist with managing a shipment if necessary.

    Let me know.


    • Thank you for your interest, but for the health and safety of our rabbits we do not ship them, neither domestically or internationally. Rabbits do not ‘ship’ well, and I know of only one breeder who will do that; they’re in Connecticut, I believe. Sorry.

  6. I really want a pet flemish do you know when you are going to have more?

  7. Hi there, I’m in my schools FFA and want a a rabbity to have for show. They have to be pure bred however. Are the rabbits on here pure bred?

    • Mike Grimes - Grimes Family Fluffers said:

      Hi, Kat:
      Yes! All of our rabbits are purebred, pedigreed stock from Champion lines. A four-generation pedigree is provided with each rabbit purchased.
      If you’d like to inquire about a particular breed of rabbit, or reserve one of the bunnies we have available, please go to the Waiting List page here on our website and provide your contact information so we can chat about how to get you started.

  8. Hello…I am looking for a rabbit for son to show at the volusia county fair next year…where are you located?? We would like a kit so that he can watch him/her grow and develop…he is in FFA AND Agriculture in school and plans to attend Atlantic high school for the agriculture academy. I can be reached at 386-682-8311.


  9. kimberly wilson said:

    I’m looking for a flemish for my 2 year old daughter she can’t have a dog or cat and this seems to be a reasonable alternative her birthday is in November is your price of 200 firm I’m on a pretty strict buget

    • I’d love for you to have the perfect bunny for your daughter, Kimberly, so I’ll be perfectly honest. A Flemish Giant is not what you want for a two year-old. They’re just too big. A baby Flemish will be 10# before it can leave home; bigger than she could carry. And in six months time, while she will have changed very little, the bunny will now be a 3-feet long, 20# giant. WAY too big for her to handle. I’d be happy to discuss some options with you privately. Please pop over to our Waiting List page and fill out the contact form. Thanks.

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